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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 products
Save £171.90
Basic 24 Litre 230V
Indel Basic 24 Litre 230V
Sale priceFrom £515.68 Regular price£687.58
Save £171.24
Slim 25L 230V
Indel Slim 25L 230V
Sale price£513.72 Regular price£684.96
Save £162.42
Slim 15L 230V
Indel Slim 15L 230V
Sale price£487.27 Regular price£649.69
Save £187.54
Basic 30 Litre 230V
Indel Basic 30 Litre 230V
Sale price£562.63 Regular price£750.17
Save £206.06
Slim Square 16L 230V
Indel Slim Square 16L 230V
Sale price£618.18 Regular price£824.24
Save £170.85
Slim 20L 230V
Indel Slim 20L 230V
Sale price£512.56 Regular price£683.41
Basic 75 Litre 230V
Indel Basic 75 Litre 230V
Sale priceFrom £958.11
Basic 50 Litre 230V
Indel Basic 50 Litre 230V
Sale priceFrom £756.82
Save £242.58
Basic 40 Litre 230V
Indel Basic 40 Litre 230V
Sale price£727.73 Regular price£970.31

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