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We recommend all heaters are serviced annually to maintain optimum efficiency. Get your Webasto serviced before the autumn to avoid any discomfort during the colder months.

Fixed Price Servicing - Return to Base - £90.00 INC VAT

On-Site Servicing - £150.00 INC VAT, Travel @ £1.75 + VAT per mile)

You can either remove your heater and send it to us by courier, or you can bring the heater to us we can service it whilst you wait, which is strictly by appointment.

All heaters will initially be connected to our workshop test facility with Webasto diagnostics which will create a report for us to understand how your heater is performing, including any faults that may have occurred since its last service. The heater is then stripped down, which we will then clean the heat exchanger and burner as required, any parts which are required will be quoted for before hand. We will then rebuild the heater, re-connect the unit to our test bench and then retest the heater. The CO2 mixture will also be set to ensure the optimum burn and efficiency is achieved. As soon as we are happy with the heater, we will pack your heater and send the unit back to your preferred address, using our courier DPD, for next working day delivery (Some geographical restrictions may apply).

Conditions for Servicing

  • The heater serial number will be checked with Webasto, this is to identify if the unit has been supplied for the correct market it is being used in. e.g. a boat must have a marine heater, a vehicle must have a vehicle heater. Heaters that are not installed within their correct market place are void of warranty and will only be worked on at our own discretion.
  • We may refuse to work on heaters that are purchased from Ebay, or any other third party selling sites where the history of the heater is unknown.
  • Units that are removed and returned to our base at Evesham Marina are at the owner's expense.
  • Any parts required, following our inspections and initial testing, will be quoted for, and permission payment sought prior to fitting.
  • Our decision on what parts are required during the service inspection is final.
  • Full payment must be received by us, before the heater is returned to the customer.
  • Return carriage will be charged at £15.00 + VAT.

On-site Servicing

We also offer service calls to your boat if required, where we can service the unit in situ to save you in inconvenience of removing and re-fitting the heater. During the visit we will also carry out a visual inspection of the heating system for you, giving you peace of mind on the complete installation. Please give us a call for a quotation.

Warranty Service

The Webasto products are highly reliable units if properly installed and maintained. However, from time to time, as with any product things can go wrong. As Webasto Approved Partners, we are equipped with the latest diagnostic software and equipment to quickly diagnose and repair your Webasto. Once the issue has been diagnosed, the majority of issues can be rectified within one hour, and normal service can be resumed within two hours of arriving on site, depending on accessibility.