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Combi Supreme 12/2000W - 55A Inverter/Charger EU Plug

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Whisper Power Combi Supreme 12/2000W - 55A Inverter/Charger

*EU Plug*

Due to its efficient and compact design, the Supreme Combi inverter/charger is suitable for installation in tight spaces. This device provides all the required comfort expected on a boat. All AC devices can be connected and work smooth, such as a coffee machine, kettle, kitchen appliances, TV,computer etc. The multistage battery charger can handle any AC generator as well as the shore connection.

  • Converts 12v battery power to alternating current
  • Sine wave output power is ideal for demanding electrical motors, sensitive electronics and rechargeable devices
  • Multi-stage charger ensures batteries are charged safely and efficiently (AGM, GEL, WET)
  • Suitable for small microwaves, computers, televisions, power tools and more
  • Detachable control display
  • Shore power control button


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