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Thermo Pro 90 Marine Kit

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SKU: 4111135E
Voltage: 12v
Heatmiser 7 - Day Timer: Not Required
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Webasto Thermo Pro 90 Marine Kit

12v- 4111135E

24v- 4111185D

The Thermo Pro 90 heater is capable of a heat output of up to 9.1kW making it suitable for larger craft, i.e. a Dutch Barge or large cruiser, where the radiators, blower boxes or under floor heating requires a larger heat output due to the air space needing heat.

The latest upgrades have seen the introduction of continuous monitoring of water temperatures and exhaust gases to regulate the heat output from the burner, to produce an exact amount of heat to maintain the temperature required. This ensures that the heater runs at its most efficient level at all times from as little as 1.8kW of output, right through to the maximum of 9.1kW.

Thermo Pro 90 Datasheet

Thermo Pro 90 Installation Manual

Thermo Pro 90 Workshop Manual

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